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The advantages of Powder Spray Bottle

Compared with the traditional powder bottle or jar, powder spray bottle will be much better with several advantages. 

First of all, it is convenient to be used. There is no need to use any assistant tool to put powder to your skin or other place. You only need to press the pump to the place you want to be cover with powder. 

Second, it saves your time. As the powder comes out from the spray seems like fog and it is very light. There is no need to use powder puff to smooth the powder on the skin, which saves you much time.

Third, less wastes. As the pump is spray, the dosage is not very big. If one press is not enough, how about two press and more. But if you use power puff, one you take powder too much, you can not put it  back to the container, which causes many wastes.

Forth, small size is available.  The small size is 15ml. It is easy to carry when you are traveling.

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